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Article Date: 28th June 2013

Marshall-Tufflex - New Commercial Boiler Manager Cuts Fuel & Running Costs by 20%*

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The new Commercial Boiler Manager from energy management specialist Marshall-Tufflex can cut 20%* off heating and hot water bills and prolong the life of commercial boilers without compromising user comfort.

The system, suitable for installation with single and linked pairs of boilers under a common header where the boilers’ output exceeds 30kW, uses digital microprocessors programmed to control boiler firing. Reducing unnecessary firing not only cuts energy bills and CO2 emissions it also prolongs the life of boilers simply because they are not working so hard.

The Commercial Boiler Manager is compact (180mm x 180mm x 63mm) and straight-forward for a qualified electrician to install. It uses a unique variable thermal response programme to manage combi, condensing and modulating boilers fuelled by gas, oil or LPG. Electronic sensors fitted to flow and return pipes monitor outgoing and incoming water temperatures and vary the system temperature/firing accordingly. This significantly reduces fuel wastage caused by temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger, flue losses and unnecessary cycling. Internal comfort levels are maintained and CO2 emissions reduced.

The manager is suitable for use with boiler plants managed by a BMS, avoiding unnecessary replication of features such as optimum on/off and weather compensation already provided by the existing control system. Self-learning software accommodates seasonal variations in boiler thermostat settings and changes that a BMS may impose upon the system. The unit is compatible with most makes and types of boilers and incorporates a seven day programmer with auto British Summer Time correction.

An integrated range

The Commercial Boiler Manager is just one of the energy management solutions offered by Marshall-Tufflex. Its portfolio includes a market-leading range of voltage optimisers, including Voltis 100Amp for single phase supplies. This is an off-the-shelf unit with intelligent control and auto bypass for small to medium sized installations. Intelligent control gives users peace of mind that Voltis will protect power to site and maximise savings 24/7.

Marshall-Tufflex also offers a range of Sinergy sub-metering solutions designed to measure and report on power usage, from one location to any number, with fixed and portable monitors available. Sinergy sub-meters can be configured to report into a central control centre enabling live data to be visible via a personalised dashboard. Sinergy Pulse Plus meters are particularly suited for retail multiples, delivering accurate power measurement and recording with data reporting wirelessly over the mobile phone network, making it perfect for monitoring geographically dispersed locations.

*subject to boiler usage pattern.

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