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Featured Video: Munters - Oasis™ IEC Exceeds Expectations at Sabey
In Quincy Washington, Sabey Data Center Properties is one of six major data centers utilizing low-cost, reliable hydro electric power sustained from the nearby Columbia River. Not only that, but Sabey also use water to their benefit through their use of Munters' evaporative cooling technology, which has been installed to efficiently reject heat from the data center. There are multiple Munters Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC)...Click to Watch
Featured Video: Formica® Brand is 100 years old, Let's get the Party Started!
Formica Group, the original inventor of laminate, celebrates 100 years. “While Formica Group invented laminate, designers are credited with realising its full potential as a stylish and desirable surfacing material,” says Renee Hytry Derrington, Group VP of Design for Fletcher Building’s Laminates and Panels Division, which includes Formica Group. Alongside contributions from partners at Pentagram, with whom Formica Group has been...Click to Watch
The IS Limited Launch Next Generation Lighting Control Modules
The IS Limited, are very excited about the launch of the next generation of products that sees new technology, exciting innovation in product development with a full range of Lighting Control Modules - from simple marshalling boxes, switching LCMs and fully addressable DALI, DSI and 1-10v modules. Master and Slave units are now offered as yet another unique solution. Network and DALI PIRs and Scene Set Switches, provide the...Read More
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Elbagate - EAE New Website
Elbagate Ltd, the UK and Ireland partner for EAE Elektrik, have recently updated their website. The website includes information on the EAE E-Line busbar trunking range, and EAE Lighting products. The EAE busbar trunking range is one of the most comprehensive on the market and includes : Lighting busbar : 25A – 40A Small power busbar : 63A – 160A Medium power busbar : 160A – 800A High Power busbar : 800A – 6300A Underfloor...Read More
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Socomec - ECA Approval for Latest Socomec UPS Systems used in Critical Power...
Socomec UPS systems: widest ever range approved by the Carbon Trust’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) for taxable benefits on the purchase of new equipment. Business Managers with responsibility for uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) will immediately benefit from the ECA scheme if they choose a Socomec UPS system - designed and manufactured especially for use in critical power applications to ensure business...Read More
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Schueco UK - New Innovation for Schueco Super-Insulated Façade System Provides...
A new innovation from leading UK building envelope specialist, Schueco UK, is the FW 50+ SG.SI, a large-scale, aluminium, structural glazing façade system which combines an attractive flush-fitted appearance with outstanding insulation values. The Schueco FW 50+ SG.SI optimises thermal insulation through the use of double- or triple-glazing up to 64 mm thick with enhanced isolator technology and features a new economical option...Read More
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Space Air - Three Time Winners at the National Heat Pump Awards
Space Air is delighted to have received several awards under different categories at the National Heat Pump Awards (NHPA) gala event on Thursday 16th May. •Product Innovation of the Year, Ancillary Product Award for the Daikin Altherma Accessory Kit •Energy Monitoring Award recognised for excellence •Highly Commended - Product Innovation of the Year, Heat Pump Award for Daikin Europe’s split wall-hung LT system If you...Read More
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Dow Building Solutions - BBA Endorsement for ROOFMATE SL-A Insulation
Dow Building Solutions has been awarded BBA accreditation for its STYROFOAM ROOFMATE SL-A extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, designed for insulating inverted flat roofs. The inverted roof system was invented by Dow over 50 years ago, using STYROFOAM XPS as the insulation layer. Over the years, ROOFMATE SL-A has earned its reputation as a reliable and durable insulation material for such systems, thanks to a...Read More
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