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Featured Video: PMA UK - Little Nibbler Returns!
Seeing the chaos and pain one Pine Marten can cause on a football field, is it any wonder these rodents and their Squirrel cousins can cause so much cable damage to the railway networks across Europe. We thoroughly test our products to ensure that damage from any animal is not going to be the cause of any network delays where they are installed. If you would like more information about PMA products please email below...Click to Watch
Featured Video: Leaderflush Shapland - EcoGuard - A Highly Effective, Innovative...
Leaderflush Shapland can now offer specifiers, contractors and installers a highly effective frame to wall seal option: EcoGuard™, (UK Patent Application No.1302299.1.) that not only provides up to 60 minutes fire resistance, but presents an extremely clean and simple installation option. The newly developed wedge shaped seal is designed for application between the gaps of a door frame and surrounding wall during...Click to Watch
Pentair’s Latest CPD Seminar, Innovation for Single Pipe Hot Water Services...
Pentair Thermal management has recently been awarded CIBSE, The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, approval for its latest CPD Seminar: Innovation for Single Pipe Hot Water Services The seminar looks at how to deliver energy efficiency, comfort and safety as well as carbon reductions and how an ‘act now’ policy results in benefits now and in the future. It also: •explains how single pipe hot water distribution needs to...Read More
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Hager Launches Type 1 + 2 Surge Protection Devices
Hager has launched type 1 + 2 surge protection devices (SPDs) that are designed to optimise arc extinction for both direct lightning strikes and for type 2 8/20 waveforms. The device uses Spark Gap technology that has been further developed to limit follow current to a 500A peak to help minimise the problem of upstream MCBs or fuses tripping. It is also encapsulated to avoid any leakage current. Says product manager Stephen Dyson...Read More
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DMS - The Metering Experts!
We’ve just launched our new, fully responsive website which has been developed to provide a simple, informative experience to our customers. The new website has been redesigned to showcase our products and features the information most helpful for finding a solution to meet your requirements. The site is responsive, meaning it formats itself to provide a good user experience regardless of the device you choose to browse our...Read More
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Furse - New Earth Rod Seal - High Performance, Low Maintenance
Furse market-leading earth rod seals have offered the most effective solution to prevent the upward seepage of water through the buildings damp proof membrane for years. Now, we introduce a new earth rod seal which delivers all the benefits of previous designs whilst offering the simplest, most cost effective installation to date. “The new Furse earth rod seal utilizes our removable compression seal technology, and is specifically designed to ensure...Read More
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Komfort’s New Deflection Heads are Poles Apart for Quality Aesthetic Finish
Komfort has launched a new range of deflection heads for its Polar glazed partitioning range, combating the issue of building movement without compromising on the aesthetic finish. The main problem arising from the phenomenon of building movement is how to create a visually acceptable solution for deflection heads. Deflection head details are designed to accommodate movement in the structural slab when live loads are applied, making...Read More
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Mitsubishi Electric - Brochure Shows how Controls can Reduce Running Costs
Mitsubishi Electric has produced a new brochure designed to highlight the financial and performance benefits from taking full control of a building’s energy use. The 16-page brochure seeks to help building operators optimise the performance of their air conditioning system to reduce running costs and minimise carbon emissions. “Operating a heating and cooling system without the right controls can prove costly to any business,” explains...Read More
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